• house-gate
  • house-front
  • trebinshun-inside
  • dining-room
  • dining
  • trebinshun-at-night
  • fishing
  • walking
  • beacons
  • Trebinshun House from the gate
  • Trebinshun House from the front
  • Trebinshun House interior
  • Trebinshun House dining room
  • Dining at Trebinshun House
  • Trebinshun House at night
  • Fishing in nearby Llangorse lake
  • Walking in the nearby hills
  • Views from the nearby Brecon Beacons

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Useful Phrases and Expressions

Did you recognise the idioms in the last lesson?

To bail out, to be on course and all hands on deck are from sailing.
To move the goalposts is from football and a ballpark figure is from baseball.