THAn exclusive English language learning experience

Trebinshun House will be offering residential English language courses from 6th January to 29th April 2022.  Due to the effects of covid, these courses will be either Individual or Intensive Individual courses as no group sessions are possible.

Wherever you are and whatever your industry or profession, it’s never been more important to be able to speak, write and understand English as confidently and competently as your colleagues and customers do. Yet you probably have less spare time than ever to improve your English language skills!

We can help. Our intensive, full immersion residential approach has been developed through 40 years of specialist experience. It combines expert, individually-tailored tuition with a varied and fully supervised social programme that will accelerate your progress in ways that no other English course can.

Trebinshun House is exclusive. We accept no more than 14 clients at a time - most of them business people - to protect the excellent quality of the learning experience we deliver. But learning here is not all hard work! We are a family-run operation based in the elegant yet friendly atmosphere of a historic manor house set in beautiful countryside yet only 90 minutes by car from several international airports. There are many ways to relax and enjoy yourself while speaking English beyond formal lesson time – a way of learning that is pedagogically and scientifically proven to have tremendous value.

We have helped thousands of professional and business people from mainland Europe but also Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America advance their organisations and careers by dramatically improving their English. Our clients include private individuals as well as executives from global energy, automotive, pharmaceutical and telecommunication companies as well as government ministries, legal firms and leading financial institutions.

The Trebinshun House courses are completed by lunch time each Friday when the school closes for the weekend and courses start again with arrival in the early evening of each Sunday. During the course you will learn an enormous amount of English and the weekend gives you an opportunity to use this new knowledge in a variety of practical situations and at the same time to visit places of interest, meet friends or relax and unwind in a new and different location. Please contact us for our weekend packages and options.

Please take a moment to watch our short video which gives a taste of the Trebinshun House experience.

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