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THHow Shall I spend my Week-end?

Two years ago we made quite a radical change at Trebinshun House.

We looked at the way our clients were booking intensive English language courses and realized that the majority of our clients were coming for one week courses. This was for various reasons – certainly life is much busier now and it is more and more difficult to leave the office or workplace for more than one week; also we have changed our opinion on the work/life balance and many of our clients make a priority of getting home for the week-end to be with their families; perhaps also the English level of our clients is rising and they need a short, sharp injection of language learning rather than a longer course.

At the same time we noticed that many of our clients chose to leave their course early and fly home on the Friday evening, even if this meant missing their afternoon lessons.

So we moved with the times! We have now intensified our courses still further so that the same number of lessons are concentrated into the period between Monday morning and Friday lunchtime. This is perfect for our many one-week students but what happens to those who wish to stay for more than one week?

We have several options to offer them but, especially in the summer, many of our clients choose to come and stay with Robin and Liza in their beautiful old castle in Pembrokeshire right on the seaside. It is a magical place and a chance to unwind and experience using your English in a practical situation. Lots of cafes and restaurants in walking distance to enjoy; beach-walking and the well-known Welsh Coastal Path to enjoy… St David’s with it’s internationally renowned cathedral and boat trips to see dolphins and seals…. What more could you want?

Add to that bed and breakfast with Liza and Robin in their historic old castle and it makes for a wonderful weekend and you return to Trebinshun House refreshed and revigorated for your next week of language learning.

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