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THNew for 2016, a course designed for couples.

Bring your partner with you to learn and relax with us for Easter
We know how hard it can be to find time for your career, your professional development and your personal relationships. That’s why we are offering an Easter course for clients who would like to bring their spouse or partner with them on their course. Now you can improve your English while enjoying time with the most important person in your life in the lovely surroundings of Trebinshun House.

We can tailor your package depending on how much time you each want to spend improving your English. It is possible for one person to have a full course of 30 hours of tuition per week while their partner relaxes and explores our beautiful part of the world. Or you can both have a full course. Or you can each enjoy a half work: half fun schedule of 3 hours of expertly tailored individual lessons each morning followed by free time or a guided excursion or activity each afternoon. Over the Easter period there are many local sporting events – such as amateur horse racing – as well as religious traditions to enjoy.


DATES: This course will be available for one or two weeks from Sunday March 27 to April 16, 2016.

COSTS: Prices start at £2625.00 per couple per week based on one person only taking a Combination Course. This includes all meals, 7.5 hours of individual tuition, 15 hours of group tuition and 7.5 hours of supported self-study, and is based on each couple sharing a private bedroom and bathroom.

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