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THOur exciting new Express Courses

Express Courses at Trebinshun House

For clients who are not able to spare a full week with us

We are aware that some of our executive clients are finding it increasingly difficult to leave their countries and their businesses for a week or more to focus on improving their English with us.

In response, we are pleased to offer two solutions to these time-pressed people.

The mid-week express course

Our courses usually deliver 30 hours of tuition across five days, starting with a Welcome Dinner on Sunday evening and finishing on Saturday morning or Friday afternoon after lessons.

This course delivers the same amount of lesson time but runs from 14.00 on Monday afternoons to 12.00 on Fridays. Any shortfall in teaching hours will be given at the end of each afternoon instead of the student joining the social programme. They will finish their lessons in time to join everyone for dinner each evening.

The weekend express course

For clients only able to spare a long weekend to come to Trebinshun we offer a course that gives 24 hours of tuition for the same price as a regular 30-hour weekly course. It starts at 14.00 on Friday, continues through Saturday and Sunday and finishes at 12.00 on Monday.

Both of these flexible courses are available whenever Trebinshun House is open for business. For more information or to discuss your exact needs please don’t hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +44 (0)1874 730 653

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