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Each of our clients has unique needs and priorities, and we work very carefully and flexibly to tailor our learning solutions to meet these. We only employ the highest quality teachers in our industry – who usually have personal experience of the corporate and business worlds. Their insights and expertise will ensure that your personal learning objectives are met and that you become more accurate, fluent and confident in your use of written and spoken English.

At the beginning of your course a detailed needs analysis and language evaluation is undertaken. However, we strongly recommend that you contact us to discuss your needs and areas of focus before booking a course. This allows us to guide your choices and help you to get the most from your time with us.

We offer two broad categories of learning experience: one-to-one courses and combination courses. Within these categories you can decide how much individual tuition, group classes and supported self-study time you would like. Individual lessons extend your vocabulary and grammar in a short space of time. Group lessons are never comprised of more than four clients and are good for improving speaking fluency and listening. During all lessons you will develop a range of business skills, such as negotiating, making presentations, facilitating meetings, holding telephone and video conferences and writing.

Our courses usually deliver 30 hours of tuition across four and a half days - starting with a Welcome Dinner on Sunday evening and finishing at lunchtime on a Friday. We are happy to tailor our courses to fit individual requirements.

For Combination/Intensive Combination course applicants - if there is no available group that meets your requirements, we advise that you will be transferred to individual tuition as appropriate. Course upgrades can also be arranged for those that wish.


Intensive Individual - 100% one-to-one lessons

30 hours of individual tuition
Full social and leisure programme
Private bedroom and bathroom
All course materials
All meals (including wine)
Full learning development report
PRICE: June-Sept: £3045 per week - October-May: £2595 per week

Individual - 75% one-to-one lessons and 25% self study

22.5 hours of individual tuition
7.5 hours of supported self-study
Full social and leisure programme
Private bedroom and bathroom
All course materials
All meals (including wine)
Full learning development report
PRICE: June-Sept: £2730 per week - October-May: £2275 per week


Please note: a minimum level of lower intermediate is needed to participate in group lessons.

Intensive Combination - 50% one-to-one lessons, 50% group lessons

15 hours of individual tuition
15 hours of group tuition (maximum of 4 participants per group)
Full social and leisure programme
Private bedroom and bathroom
All course materials
All meals (including wine)
Full learning development report
PRICE: June-Sept: £2730 per week - October-May: £2275 per week

Combination - 25% one-to-one lessons, 50% group lessons and 25% self study

7.5 hours of individual tuition
15 hours of group tuition (maximum of 4 participants per group)
7.5 hours of supported self-study
Full social and leisure programme
Private bedroom and bathroom
All course materials
All meals (including wine)
Full learning development report
PRICE: June-Sept: £2455 per week - October-May: £2025 per week

Cancellation Policy: As Trebinshun House has a very limited capacity, we impose a charge of 100% of one week’s fees for all cancellations or postponements made less than 10 working days (Monday to Friday) before your arrival date.  But we are happy to accept a colleague or friend in your place at no extra charge.


English with Business Skills Course £3325

New for 2017

Trebinshun House has partnered with Strategy Pirates to provide you with the opportunity to take a business skills course alongside our Combination English Course. These courses will run once a month and focus on skills such as Agility, Teambuilding, Communication Culture and Career Planning. The courses will be taught in English.

The English with Business Skills course will run from Monday to Friday lunchtime with an arrival on Sunday and include two half day skills workshops and a 90 minute one to one skills coaching session.

Workshop-Topics Date
Agility (open group)

(What is Agility about, how to integrate agile elements to increase your performance, how agile is your doing in your day-day to work?)
February 27th February - 3rd March 2017
Digital Working (open group)

(How to transform your organisation into a digital working organisation)
March 27th - 31st March 2017
Communication Culture (open group)

(What is needed in a VUCA world facing the 4th industrial revolution)
April 24th - 28th April 2017
Career Planning (individual)

(Are you stuck and looking for YOUR new challenges?)
May 29th May - 2nd June 2017
Teambuilding (closed group)

(What holds you back from having fun together and building valuable relationships while increasing your teams’ and companies’ performance?)
June 26th - 30th June 2017

About Strategy Pirates

Strategy PiratesStrategy Pirates is a team of highly motivated and very experienced former Senior Managers (up to CEO) who have collected significant know–how and expertise in the fields of finance, insurance, IT, logistics and other areas.

At our core is our curiosity and deep empathetic interest in people within organisations. We aim to assist them to raise their individual performances and, as a result, contribute more strongly to their companies’ performance and results.

Our focus is strategy (in its broadest sense), Leadership Development, Change Management and Agility. With the use of different tools and in combination with such well-known methods as Design Thinking, Kanban, Agile Coaching, etc. we facilitate workshops with e.g. the LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® method for individuals and teams, also.

Steffen has founded Strategy Pirates in 2009, after having spent nearly 20 years in the financial, logistic, print, marketing and education Industry /area, holding multiple Senior Management positions up to Board level.

He has a deep knowledge in IT and all kind of technique and is treasured for his curiosity trying new things and methodologies and combining which seems to be impossible to walk new revolutionary paths. He is driven by the idea, making processes more efficient and transparent and transforming the “standard” to a new level.

He is a “peoples’ man”, and so he is interested in your humanity, motivation and way of thinking, creating a sustainable environment in organizations for everyone giving and receiving the best for and from the company.

Sabine joined Strategy Pirates in 2015 and brings in her experience and knowledge of 26 years in the financial industry and holding multiple Senior Management positions, including CEO.

Additionally, she is a certified professional Business & Life Coach (CPCC) and Agility Profile Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation.

You are going to meet an empathic, experienced and curious woman, who has worked successfully for many years in a male dominated environment. We will meet eye to eye, as partners, utilizing my methods and tools to support you with unfolding your own authentic and colorful personality while encouraging all your different layers and facets to shine.

Both are now following their own path which is supported and accompanied by a strong network.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Are you open all year round?
A - Yes. Aside from three weeks when we close at Christmas, we stay open all year round, including British Bank Holidays.

Q - How experienced and qualified are your staff?
A - All our staff are very experienced and well-qualified. We are accredited by the British Council and always get excellent grades for our teaching. Our teachers are specialists in teaching adults and business people and many of them have a business background.

Q - Can I change my course when I arrive?
A - Yes this is possible after consultation with our Director of Studies on what would be the best solution for you.

Q - How do you assess and decide on my level?
A - We use a combination of a written test, a needs analysis and an oral interview. If you wish you can complete an online test before your arrival.

Q - How will you tailor my course to my needs?
A - We will look at your test and interview results and consult with you on exactly what your objectives for the course are. We then build the course specifically to meet these needs.

Q - When should I arrive for my course?
A - We do offer condensed mid-week courses but our courses normally start on Sunday evening with a Welcome Dinner and end with departure on Friday lunchtime. Transfers can be arranged to all major airports and railways stations.

Q - What happens on the weekends when I am staying for more than one week?
A - Most of our students make their own plans to visit friends or family in the UK. We advise that our students take advantage of the weekend and leave Friday afternoon and return on Sunday. We can help arrange activities and transfers to many UK cities. We recommend visits to London, Cardiff, Bath or a visit to Trebinshun’s sister property - a castle on the Pembrokeshire coast.

Q - What is the weekday timetable?
A - A typical day starts with breakfast with your host at 8.00am. Lessons begin at 8.45am and continue until a tea or coffee break with your teachers at 10.15am. After the half hour break lessons will continue until a delicious lunch is served at 12.15pm accompanied by your host or a member of the academic team. Afternoon lessons begin at 1.00pm and continue until 5.15pm with two short breaks depending on the lesson programme. Our social programme varies from day-to-day and includes dinner with your host or teachers at around 7.30 pm.

Q - Who else will I be studying with?
A - If you have chosen a Combination or Intensive Combination course you will be studying with a maximum of three other people, who will have your level of English and similar requirements and objectives. The vast majority of our clients are business and professional people.

Q - Will I be living and studying with other students of the same nationality?
A - It is very rare, given our extensive client base, that we have a majority of students from a single country at any time. But we have no problem with students of the same nationality being at Trebinshun House together as no language is allowed to be spoken but English and our clients are all seriously committed to getting the maximum benefit from their course.

Q - Can I upgrade my room when I arrive?
A - Certainly, if there is a manor room available.

Q - Can you cater for special dietary requirements?
A - We are glad to do this but please let us know your needs before you arrive.

Q - Do you have a minimum age for clients?
A - We don’t accept clients less than 21 years old. The majority of our clients are 30 - 60 years old.

Q - What is NOT included in my fee?
A - The only costs not covered by your fee are:

  • Transfers to and from Trebinshun House at the beginning and end of your course.
  • The cost of any external social activities such as cinema and theatre tickets, golf fees, drinks in the pub, any shopping you may want to do.
  • Any drinks and bar orders beyond the wine provided at dinner which is included in your course fee.
  • For those clients staying more than one week, weekend costs are not included in your course fee.

Q - Do you have Wifi?
A - Yes. This is free of charge and currently being upgraded to a high-speed fibre optic service!

Q- Can I walk to a shop or cafe from Trebinshun House?
A - Our nearest village has a shop and a pub and is a 20 minute walk or 10 minute bicycle ride away.

Q - What leisure activities are available on site at Trebinshun House?
A - Beyond the wonderful country walks right from our doorstep, we have a small fitness room, bicycles and helmets and a billiard table. In the summer we also offer croquet and badminton.

Q - What learning support can you provide for me after I leave?
A - We offer Distance English courses with the teacher who taught you for your course. These are delivered via a combination of telephone, Skype and email correspondence.

Q - Do you have an alumni network?
A - We have an active Facebook community and a growing LinkedIn network that many of our past clients use to keep in touch with us and each other.

Q - Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?
A - Please press here to see them.



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