THDoes practice make perfect?

When we ask people the best way to improve our skills in something, the usual advice is to keep on practising.

This is an easy response but is this the best answer?

Obviously, if we don’t practise then it is difficult to maintain any new skills we have attained, but the question is what type of practice….

Practice has to be fun, efficient, effective and lead to your goals.

My own experience of trying to learn to play golf, and currently the ukulele, has taught me an interesting lesson. I’ve tried studying alone using course books, I’ve watched instruction videos on You Tube but I feel that I haven’t progressed. I need to sit with someone and get instant feedback. It is challenging but ultimately satisfying.

When guests arrive at Trebinshun, many come with habits learned during their formative years at school. Over time these habits have become part of their language skillset and often nobody has taken the time to help them to improve.

Taking time away from a busy schedule to concentrate on yourself, in a relaxing but challenging atmosphere is one of the best ways to develop your language skills.

You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with people with similar goals to yourself, exchange professional experience and make new contacts and friends.

Business executives come to Trebinshun House with very similar goals. One of the main targets is to feel ‘professional’ and confident when dealing with everyday situations. However, the common thing that they feel they lack is TIME.

At Trebinshun we give you this time and the opportunity to build your confidence by simulating real life situations such as meetings and negotiations and the chance to practise real presentations.

Experienced trainers will advise you on the tools needed to maintain this practice when you return to your busy life. You will go home refreshed and equipped with the skills you need.

So, practice does make perfect but only if it is done in the right atmosphere with the right tools.

Why not treat yourself to a period of time away from your hectic schedule and find out what Trebinshun has to offer you?


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