THChristmas and New year traditions around the world

2019 is the 43rd Christmas for Trebinshun House as a language school for Business Executives.

We have welcomed people from all over the world to study in this beautiful part of Wales. Many of the clients who have studied here have shared an interesting fact or story about Christmas and New Year traditions in their own country.

Here are some interesting ones:

‘Las doce uvas de la suerte’

This is the Spanish tradition of eating a grape at every chime of the clock or bell on New Year’s Eve. It is supposed to bring good luck.

The Catalan tradition of ‘the beating of the Tio de Nadal’

This involves children feeding a log, wrapped in blankets from the 8 th of December and then on Christmas Day, the log is beaten with sticks and it ‘poos’ gifts such as nuts and sweets.

In Finland The Christmas peace period begins on Christmas Eve and lasts for 20 days. Traditionally people will eat rice porridge with almonds hidden in it. Whoever finds them will have a lucky year. This is similar to, but probably safer than, the old tradition in the UK of hiding silver sixpences in the Christmas pudding.

The originally Protestant German tradition of the Advent Calendar to mark the 24 days before the birth of Jesus.

A modern tradition (since the invention of television) in Germany is to watch ‘Dinner for One’ . As many of you know, this is a short, comical play about an old English lady and her butler. The remarkable thing about it is that it is shown every New Year’s Eve in Germany and is in English but never in the UK.

And of course, who can forget St Nicholas.

St. Nicholas became Father Christmas in the UK, Père Nöel in France and Santa Claus in many countries.

Celebrated on different days and in different ways but a magical time for everyone!

There are many other traditions celebrated around the world.

Why don’t you get in touch with us to tell us how you celebrate Christmas in your country?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Trebinshun House.


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