THLockdown Lesson

A lot of people in many countries are now working from home or not working at all because their companies have been forced to close down temporarily.

Are you one of them?

So, did you say to yourself, at the start of this pandemic, "this is the time to become more organised and structured" and maybe read the notes you received during your visit to Trebinshun House?

After such a long time of lockdown have you managed to achieve this target? Many people say they do not have time to improve their English in their normal working day.

Maybe, this is the time for you to recharge your batteries.

Today we offer you some positive idioms related to health and fitness to expand your vocabulary.

During this period of enforced staying at home, try not to becomea couch potato or you will end up with a spare tyre! (extra fat around your stomach) Keep up the physical and mental exercise.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away . If it was only that simple!

He is as fit as a fiddle This could be applied to Captain Tom Moore, who has raised more than £30 million for NHS charities, by walking around his garden 100 times, at the wonderful age of 99.

We will all drink to his health when he celebrates his 100 th birthday on the 30th of April.

We are starting to see people who are recovering from the Coronavirus being given a clean bill of health. This means they have received the wonderful news that they have recovered completely.

It may seem strange to suggest that you need to practise something that you are not able to use at the moment, but this pandemic will end and you will be expected to resume business as normal.

So, if you need an English language health check, Trebinshun House is ready to help.

Stay safe everyone.


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