THNew Study Reveals Most Influential Languages

What makes a language important on a global scale? Is it the oldest? The one spoken by the most people? What about the one that has the greatest ability to reach other people by being translated? A multidisciplinary research team has examined the languages of the world and categorized them on how widely certain forms of media are translated into other languages. César Hidalgo of MIT led the research, and the paper was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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THWhy would Nikkei buy The Financial Times?

It has been announced that The Financial Times Group, including the 127 year old British newspaper The Financial Times title, will be sold to Japanese media giant Nikkei for £844 million.

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THBusiness English and the online world

Did you know that half of all content posted online is in English? That’s right - 50%. Despite there being over 6500 languages in the world English dominates online.

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THSummer arrives at Trebinshun

The summer is finally here with us at Trebinshun which means that the social programme (and the lessons) are taken outside! There is no better place to practice and refine your English than outside amongst the stunning British countryside and our beautiful gardens.

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THWe’re nearly 40 years old!

We’re nearly 40 years old! Trebinshun House celebrates our ruby anniversary as an executive residential English language school at the end of this year. So we felt the time was right to re-fresh our brand and our website. We hope you like it!

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